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My name is Lara and I've spent over a decade as an award-winning television producer shooting stories around the world for channels such as Discovery Channel, HGTV and the CBC.

I've worked closely with Canada’s top on-air personalities as well as companies such as NASA, Volvo, Air France, and Royal Caribbean. I've also been a freelance writer and columnist for outlets such as Elle Canada, The Toronto Star and have interviewed, produced, directed, and/or booked hundreds of celebrities from Jennifer Hudson to Jane Goodall and Coldplay to Keanu Reeves.

As someone who has spent her career producing content for broadcast and print, I love helping others unlock their own unique stories.

If you’ve been dreaming of creating a podcast or YouTube channel, or love the idea of being featured as a guest to increase your visibility, I will give you the tools to dazzle in front of a microphone with complete fearlessness and can teach you how to interview anyone, anywhere, on the fly and without notes.

If you'd like to book an intuitive business session to go over business, branding, media, mindset, need help with interview training and media-related topics, or would like tips on how to protect your energy and maintain grace in high pressure situations (perfect for empaths and introverts!) please drop me a line.


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